Welcome to our practice! Our services are open to people of all ages who might benefit from our services.

While we do not specialize in unique issues affecting the LGBTQIA community or communities of color, we recognize the existence, harm, and trauma caused by bigotry, racism, homophobia, and transphobia in our society and are committed to offering services in an environment that is inclusive, culturally-sensitive, and affirming of all identities and experiences.

Additionally, while we welcome Clients in recovery and can work to treat underlying causes that can lead to addiction, we do not treat addiction itself. We encourage Clients seeking relief from active addiction to first receive treatment from a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in an inpatient or outpatient setting, and then consider our therapy services as a secondary maintenance step on their recovery journey.

Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy

Individual equine-facilitated psychotherapy is available on an ongoing basis to those who are deemed to be appropriate candidates for this type of therapy after an initial screening. No previous horse experience required. For information on what occurs during a session, please refer to the section about Eagala.  

Happier Trails, llc specializes in treating depression, anxiety, trauma, women's issues, and counseling clients through life changes.  However, if you have a specific issue you or your child would like to work on that is not listed, please contact us to inquire. We are serious about practicing within our scope for your well-being and will refer to alternate professionals if we cannot appropriately and safely meet your needs.

Equine-facilitated psychotherapy can be done in conjunction with other types of therapy.  If you have a therapist you're working with already, and they feel this type of therapy may be a useful supplement, Happier Trails is open to collaborating with other treatment professionals.  

At this time, Happier Trails, llc is not able to bill insurance.  However, this type of therapy is a covered service by many insurance companies.  Your insurance company may reimburse you after you pay up front at the rate they cover out-of-network providers.  Clients are responsible for communicating with their insurance company about covered services, necessary documentation, and mechanism of reimbursement.  Happier Trails, llc will work with Clients pursuing reimbursement to get them the documentation their insurance requires.

Eagala-based equine-facilitated therapy sessions cost $180 per hour.  This is to cover the cost of both necessary professionals, the care of the horses, and the overhead of the equine facility. Clients who pay prior to or immediately after their session will be billed at a rate of $165 per hour. Inquire about discounts for multiple sessions paid for at once. We understand that this is not in the budget for many people, especially at this time, but we want this therapy to be accessible.  With that in mind, we offer sessions on a sliding scale to a limited number of clients as we work on contracting with insurance companies in the future.  Please contact us for more information. 

Non-Eagala equine-based sessions may be available for $100 per hour.

In-Office Sessions/Telehealth

In-Office sessions are available for both Clients participating in equine therapy, as well as Clients who do not wish to participate in equine therapy, or are undecided.  

Occasionally, during the course of equine-facilitated psychotherapy, it is appropriate to do office sessions. Examples of this include during the initial meeting and assessment, if something upsetting happens in the Client's life and they need a session just to talk to the therapist, and as a check-in to review goals and assess the treatment plan efficacy.

Happier Trails, llc has a private office on North Main St. in Concord, about a 15 minute drive from Boscawen where these sessions are held, while we wait for office space to be created at the equine facility. 

Office sessions are billed at a rate of $80 per hour.  Sliding scale rates may be available. Telehealth therapy sessions are also available at $80 per hour.

Equine-Facilitated Wellness Activities

Please be aware that the following programs are not  therapy and are not affiliated with or certified by Eagala.

Occasionally, Happier Trails, llc will partner with Ancora Imparo Equine Facility to offer non-therapy based equine wellness activities to members of the public who pre-register. These include programs such as yoga and art classes within the presence of horses. 

Information on future classes will be shared on this website. 

To preserve the therapeutic process and prevent boundary-crossing, these programs are not open to current equine psychotherapy clients


Equine-based services, including equine-facilitated psychotherapy, take place at the beautiful Ancora Imparo Equine Facility in Boscawen NH, just 15 minutes from Concord.  Amenities include both an indoor and outdoor ring, round pen, and multiple paddocks where private sessions can be conducted. Our equine therapy herd consists of about half a dozen horses of varying ages, sizes, and personalities, including miniature horses.